Hand Designed Elements

Recently a client contacted me for the development of some flat designed PC elements such as a GPU, CPU and RAM. Not one to decline a challenge with something I am quite knowledgeable about I jumped at the chance to create lifelike flat versions of the very things enabling me to design them. The following designs are to be used within a larger project where more of these hand designed elements may be needed.



Flat Realism 

Flat was the focus but the key is to be able to identify it with with a real life object.

This meant a range of real life objects needed to be studied in detail from the smallest to most relevant things. Of course the idea of flat is to keep it simple meaning some elements needed to be cut out of these quite complex pieces of hardware.

On this particular design the idea of high end RAM with a heat spread and various connectors was the main focus as this is what makes it most identifiable. 

 Proud Revisions

 Each piece was created, and revised until the desired outcome was one I and the client was pleased with.

Revisions are something to be proud of, every single improvement leads to to a better end result that ultimately makes it the very best it can be (give or take). Revisions also give the possibility of seeing the design from a completely alternative point of view that can drastically change the it for the best.

In each of these designs there was constant revisions for the positioning, sizing, color and overall layout. 




Precise Creativity

Each design is made with immense care whilst the positioning, colors and creativity take president over all else.

No design is just created out of thin air, it took time to study real life objects, plan these into a flat design and then proceed to create the objects using tools such as adobe illustrator for an efficient translation to a hand designed finish.

It is the precise creativity that goes into a design that leaves it with the very best result.



Vector Images

All of these designs were created within Adobe Illustrator in a vector format. This means they can be scaled or exported at any size with the same superb clarity without any blurring. This saves time and allows a versatile range of uses for the client at no extra cost. 

Simplicity in mind

Complex designs are interesting, however it's the complex designs that are both clear and easy to view that really reaches an audience. That's why in every design I produce simplicity is at the forefront of my mind (which is can be seen in  the above designs showcasing flat design with a slight mix of google's material design).

Flexible local design

All projects such as this one are crafted with immense flexibility and project estimations. This is to ensure the client gets the work when they need it and at the highest possible quality. Designs are worked on around the clock and revisions can be suggested by the client once each design is in it's working draft stage.



Interested in starting your own project?

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