About Made By Daniel

Daniel’s an all round creative person that loves to get stuck into interesting projects.

Specialising in graphic design, illustration and motion graphics, Daniel is also able to provide an all round graphic service for small businesses to help you establish a brand.


About Daniel Colaianni

Daniel Colaianni started designing at an early age and has an eye for detail and a gift of creativity.

Daniel manages his video game specialist site, DoubleUpGaming , which is fast becoming the go-to community for indie and expert gaming articles.


More about Daniel Colainanni

I started designing at an early age and I have an eye for detail and a gift of creativity. I have undertaken numerous design tasks such as graphic, web design, and innovative motion graphics.

Currently working part time with Surge Digital, I am constantly expanding my skill set.  I am always looking ahead at new innovations in the marketplace and constantly look at ways to communicate to my clients’ market through new and existing media in a way that provokes and stimulates interaction

Since this young age Daniel has set out to become a professional graphic designer and hopes maybe one day he may be working in some of Apple’s best product design offices in the world.

Throughout college, I hope to be able to continue my part time job as a graphic designer at Surge Digital, an online digital marketing agency.


I constantly find myself looking ahead at what the future holds; one thing I have always been sure of is that I definitely wants to go to university. Throughout my education at school, I have always loved maths and decided I would like to study it further in college, but in a slightly different way, focusing more on the graphical side.

Design is a subject I know I will enjoy and is a necessity for me to be able to get into university for a digital graphic design course.

At college, and at home, I am always experimenting with different types of code and software, mixed with my hobbies outside of school, computing plays a major role in his development for design.

Finding time between college and reading my favorite book series “Game of thrones”, I am also currently operating a small You Tube channel and website; doubleupgaming.com which is mainly about gaming and computing.

Doing this has included video editing, graphic design and article style writing along with communication with people across the world.